Thursday, December 23, 2010

amik dri diba

Name : Tiah
Full name : Fathirah Nadia Bt Mohd Hasim
Sibling(s) : 5
Eye colour : black
Shoe size : 4
Hair : long
Height : 152
What are you wearing right now : panties , bra , short , t-shirt
Favourite number : 7
Favourite drink :cool blog
Favourite month : july n december (school holidays)
Favourite breakfast :never breakfast

- Have you ever -
Broken a bone : never
Been in a police car : no
Fallen for a guy / girl in a short time :yeah..
Swam in the ocean : yeah
Fallen a sleep in school : always (especially time BM n SC)
Broken someone heart : haha..maybe or not ! noo..YES ! :(
Cried when someone died : yeah,when suddenly i saw my cat lying on the floor n full of blood
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : err..x penah kot..sekali maybe :)
Saved e-mail :a lot
Been cheated on :yeeah :(

- What -

Your room look like : as my mommy said (bilik puaka)
What is right beside you :aemy(my cat) handphone,boom
What is the last thing you ate : snack

- Ever had -
Chicken pox :yap
Sore throat : always
Stitches : nope

- Do you -
Believe in love at first sight : of coz HAHA
Like picnic :yapp yaapp :)

- Who -
Who did you yell at ? : zul , bapok 
Who was the last person you dance with ? : aemy
Who last made you smile ? : awish :)

-Final question -
What are you listening right now ? : a little piece of heaven - a7x
What did you do today : (membontot smpai kol 6.30) (on9) (mkan)
Are you the oldest : nope
Indoors or outdoors : both

- Last person who -
You talked on the phone : akim
Made you cry :my daddy
You went to the mall with : nadia atikah diba edy akim
Who cheered you up : nobody

- Have you -
Been to singapore :yes
Been to USA : nope

- Random -
What books are you reading right now : facebook n K.O KING
Best feeling in the world : HAPPY of coz
Future kids name :never know, never want to know n i dont care...
Do you sleep with stuffed animal :every night with my cat
What's under your bed :rubbish
Favourite sport(s) : errr...i dont know..typing maybe...haha
Favourite place : my room
Who your bestfriend : aemy diba nadia edy akim 

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