Friday, June 10, 2011

bieber world

ni some of comment kat video justin yang berlainan. im absolutely agree with them.why u have to hate him?does he hurt you? no right? then.ohh yeah.i know guys hate him because he's cute n hot.and u guys dont.haha.btw.he's not gay okay ! im not justin bieber lover or what.i just admire at him.<3


Is gay? He has a girlfriend.
Can't sing? Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him.
Is ugly? Millions of girls think he's the hottest guy alive, and he's on millions of posters everywhere.
He's weak? He broke his foot on stage and carried on singing.
He's heartless? Listen to pray.
He's unsuccessful? 17 years old, 29 songs, 3 albums, 9 music videos,1 movie,1 book, 20 awards, 2 tours, 86 shows, 40 million fans.
Do your research before you make fun of him ♥

  • Guyys, pleasee stop talkingg abouut his hair! He did that for his friend who had cancer! he is a very caring person! so please stop!! And stoop hating him! GEEZ!! he is just a regular guy who's dream came truee, Why would you hate that? :O likee haters stoop the hating! and start thinking of what you think of him! he dosent love haters! but at the same time, it makes him stronger! :) <3 so please stoop!

    yeah :)


    have you watched justin bierber 's hilarious moment? if dont,please watch it.must watch it.haha.he so cute and 
    hot.serious cakap.he's cute ! omg ! but jangan ingat aku obses dengan dia.IM NOT okay.please nadia afifa. haha. 
    and i love the moment when he talked lika a chipmunk.haha.he's cute :)

i love this.he looks so cute when he sleeps :)

this is justin before he was famous

btw.i hate selena gomez T.T  

okeyh.i cant stand anymore.i really must go to bed.i head is spinning !
okeyh bye
love you guys :)

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