Wednesday, July 24, 2013

happy birthday to me :) 3/7

well hello there :D another post for today.hehe.
mah birthday update !!

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nothing much special .the only thing that make me so excited is im 17 mannn ~!
woh .what's that meaaan ? hemmm .
yeah of course ! i can get my license :P and my own car maybe.mueh muehhehehe

yeah keep dreaming fathirah.driving class pun tak dapat pegi lagi
hampeh betul.
 btw thanks to those yang wish kat aku. :'D 
and special thanks to those yang bagi hadiah,hehe,lap chaa.

ok now , birthday haul ! ehe tak banyak pun :) tapi alhamdullilah orang bagi gak kan.hehe

bag and purse to my mom and dad yang bagi. :D love it

and this little monster aka forest ghost.nadd bagi :D thanks :D

red mustache watch from dibaa :D thanks dibaaa :D 

and lastly cute little mouse ! and yess tabung :D

aku suka tabung .suka simpan duit syiling.

thats all.sayonaraaa :D

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