Thursday, February 27, 2014


Things i wanna do right after SPM .:p

  • watch the latest episodes of naruto.
  • watch shingeki no kyojin
  • play minecraft 
  • go to anime festival asia (AFA)
  • go to anisong concert. with my friends obviously
  • go to escape theme park with them
  • watch all animes 
  • karoake with them for 2 hours
  • get my car license
  • go to any anime convention
  • go to legoland
  • re decorate my room
  • curl my hair
  • go to spa
  • learn to play ukelele
  • play piano everyday
  • holiday in Krabi/vietnam/ bandung/etc with le family
  • photoshoot with my friends
  • shopping at H&M
  • cosplay-ing
  • do some crazy stuff with them
  • shopping in KL
  •  ice skating
  • holiday in langkawi with them .emm maybe
  • lose some fats : a must for me
  • jogging every morning
  • scuba diving
  • bungee jumping
  • go to universal studio with the them
  • go to any concert with them
  • ride an elephant / horse
  • prank someone
  • have a temporary job
  • learn how to cook
  • pet a cute monkey
  • sleep over
  • learn japanese
  • eat at sushi king 
  • own a lot of makeups ; for cosplay
  • pet a cat / iguana / hamster
  • meet zint
  • holiday at penang.

so boleh kata half dah la aku dah buat since lepas spm
paling besar pun dapat kerja and lesen and holiday kat vietnam. hehe
tapi bila tengok balik banyak jugak aku tak buat gi
yelah busy roje busy nih busy tuh .
tapi lepas nih insyallah semua aku bereskan,hehehe YOLO beb
harini aku ada la masa skit nak mengupdate
and ingat harini nak meng abadikan diri mengupdate belog,banyak sangat benda nak cerita
even tadak orang baca,future me akan baca,hehehe
and nak upload semua gegambo yang dah begunung betaun ,
so yeah,
bai XD

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