Sunday, November 01, 2015


it's been a loooooong dayyyyy without you my friend and i'll you all bout it when i see u agiannnn.
oh gosh . dah berapa lama kah aku tak menghapdet blog ?? since september last year. its been a year now. hahahah

so many stories untold.

this supposed to be my journal. my online journal.

but im toooo f lazy i guess

u see. im gonna start posting shit after . by shit i mean stuff i did or done or anything that i want to share it here.

gosh so many things.where do i start ??

habis matrik ?

kerja ?

melancong ?

cafe hopping ?

masuk U ?

my life in university ?

gosh tooo many

but ill start with habis matrik and kerja .

nothing much .

but in the next post

ja mata. hehehe

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