Sunday, November 01, 2015


HYE future me / adult me / older version of me / or whatever are you right now

HYE  everyone

my last year post were all about my matric life and stuff.

hmm i should make a post about matric life.hahah .later la

so i've "graduated" or so from matric penang

it's tough i tell you . but i managed to survived.and im proud of myself

of with so not really flying colors. my result emmm so-so je lah

im not 'tensai' or anything haha

and habis matrik around bulan 5 i think.yap akhir bulan 4 la

then menganggur selama sebulan .

di rumah macam mam besar

i really did nothing at all.

most of the times im doing any normal human did


well not much .but at least i did something

and watch anime of coz daaaa

ok enough

about my part time job. because i think its really time for me to something and earn some money and experience ? soft skill? maybe. so this fine day i went out with auni . not sure why we went out but we did. and i went to popular to buy some stuff. then later we want to pay la apa lagi .me go go to the till. me found hana . old friend from when i was in form 3 .she was working there as a cashier.
at that time aku tak tepikir langsung nak kerja, nope. not at all . ntah mcm mana ,tetiba ja aku tercakap, terkeluar , terberkata kata , tertalk terngomong "ada keja kosong tak "
but i didnt really mean it. im just trying my luck , 

then dengan bahagia nya hana cakap, " adaaa adaaa, bos tengah cari orang"
aku pun isi lah borang bagai, then hana cakap eh bos ada dalam. jumpa terus la, 
lepas tu terus aku kena interview.kira mcm walk in interview ah cita dia
memang desperate nak pakai pekerja agaknya. terus aku dapat kerja weh
minggu tu jgak aku start . AS A CASHIER. hahah. aku pun oklah .basic 900 . tapi tolak kwsp socso standard ah. khamis 4/6/2015 bermulah aku sebagai seoarang cahsier tak bertauliah dekat popular sunway carnival. well im not gonna go in details. belajar jadi cashier susah jgak. i learnt new things.'s fucking hard to be cashier's take a lot of patient to be one.because we have to deal with so may shitty customer
3.standing in the counter for 12 freaking hours is unbearable's fun 'making fun' of the customer.and boss hahah
5.kira duit cepat

so one thing nak cakap sini. please dont be rude to any cashier in the world. 
some of them just had a bad day then hve to deal with your bullshit.
some of them are dickhead from the start. hahaha

tag aku kerja. haha gambar time kerja akan ku hapdetkan. 


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